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I had to share – I love the SLIGGETS



EVO Breeding CO. – Sliggets Open BETA

Sliggets Tribe Story

Sliggets are a mystical creature, a small troll, that lives in the Forests and Magic Gardens all over Second Life. They were thought to be a legend invented by the gardeners and landscapers all over SL; they were believed to be just inanimate garden decoration dolls, but when the sun goes down and no one is watching they come to life and they continue to prosper.  For long time no one has noticed this small human like creatures and they have become more and more rare. The different color hair Sliggets became extinct until only three colors were left – the Red, the Blue, and the Green Clan. A group of Pet Breeders discovered these Sliggets, adopted 3 pairs of these little Sliggets, 1 from each clan, and made small tribes in their gardens that grew over time. They are now available to you. Can you save the Sliggets from extinction?
Sliggets are intelligent creatures. They will evolve, discover, and learn new professions, they will discover technologies for their tribe, and build wonders. They even will develop their own tribal dialect. All you need is to help them to create a small environment for a small tribe. This small tribe eventually will develop ways to preserve themselves and grow.

What to know:

There are some objects need to the Sliggets live. These items are included in the starter kits:
The Sligget Windmill which will be used by the Sliggets to get food from and it will also work as a Granary receiving food units produced by farmers and fishermen. DO NOT REZ MORE THAN 1 MILL ON A SIM
The Sligget Houses, these are used by the Sliggets as relay point for their movement.
The Fire pit. With out a fire pit your Sliggets will lose health during the SL night time.

How to set up your Tribe:

After you rez the items at your Sligget Sanctuary, rez the eggs. Eggs are easy to work with, just touch them and a newborn will come to your tribe.

Baby Sliggets will not move during 4 days and will appear still. At 4 days they will start moving and after 10 days they become adults. Only adults can breed and in cycles of 4 to 6 days, depending on the conditions. Sliggets will only have 4 prims in all their life time.

Your Sliggets will eat from the Windmill. When your food units are running out you can buy new food at the Vendors. Food is also very easy to use, just rez the food bag near the windmill and touch the food bag. Food units will be added to your windmill depending on the food bag size.



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