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Franchise HL Fashion Design – 50%commission

1. Welcome

Thanks for your interest on the HL Fashion Design,  we look for people interested in marketing our brand, so we will not sell here vendors just in world,  simply have to contact me in world so we can analyze how to start. Personally I will be available to help throughout the process of assembling and decorating shop if they wish.

If you need help or have any question, Please send an IM to Herby Loire

You can choose 30 vendors and the price is 3000L$,  New vendors will be released each month. Each month we will release a free gift you can use to promote your store, this promo items are exclusive for franchisers (not available for marketplace customers).

2. Benefits

As a member of the HL Fashion Design franchising Family you get the following benefits:

A. 50% commission of each sale .

B. You can use the HL fashion Design Logo and all the Marketing items.

C. Professional support.

4. Rules

As a HL Fashion Designer Franchiser you must follow these simple rules based in the common sense:

A. Competition is not allowed. Only ONE HL Fashion Design Franchise Store per sim (full stores with own land) or ONE HL Fashion Design franchiser per mall (rented stores).

B. Use only the official logo .

C. HL Fashion Design is Quality and service. As a franchiser you must take care of your customers, answering their questions. If you can’t answer a question, please invite that customer to talk with me (Herby Loire).

D. You get the 50% of each sale made via your vendors.

E. Please if you want mix HL Fashion Design products with other products, let me know , not be provided with Ladies clothing,  and depending on the quality of the products in question- We recommend you to have a full store for HL Fashion Design.

Blog HL Fashion Design

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NEW RELEASE – HL Fashion Design “Sunshine”

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HL Fashion Show Video

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NEW Release – HL Fashion Design “Black Angel”

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HL Fashion Design – Group Gift October

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HL Fashion SHOW

Fashion Show made in a typical Portuguese Square, a contibute to all the Portuguese in SL and my Country, thanks to all those who made it possible.

SEE MORE HERE : in Fashion Show Pictures

O meu muito obrigado a Paulo Denfu, Lurdes Marville e Ana Julia da Agência Poba, por todo o carinho e suporte deste Show, a todas as modelos fantásticas que por aquela praça desfilaram e um bj especial á nossa Top Model convidada Ponchituti Boucher.

( My thanks to Paul Denfu, Lourdes Marville and Ana Julia Poba Agency, for all the love and support this show to all the fantastic models who paraded in the square and big Kiss to our special guest Ponchituti Boucher Top Model. )

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HL Fashion Design “Naomi” update

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HL Fashion Design “Diana” update

Publicado por: herbyloire | Setembro 17, 2011

HL Fashion Design “Bocelli” update

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HL Fashion Design “Ascot” update

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